Gela Charkviani about Irakli

“I would prefer to have him alive for a longer time, this would be definitely better, but people like him leave us earlier as usual” - Gela Charkviani...

Abkhazia is Georgia

The Movement TV has launched a new campaign, which serves to restore relations with Abkhazians.

We are all born in Georgia.

Natalia Sanadze

Natalia Sanadze is a Georgian Gynecologist who has been living in Germany for 23 years and has her own clinic.

54 years in Love

Life spent in Theatre. 54 years in Love

Berlinale 2019 Iana Ugrekhelidze

Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival  among other movies an animation of a  Georgian film director. Iana Ugrekhelidze's Diploma work  "Iavna...



Our story

THE MOVEMENT TV is a digital storytelling media platform founded in 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia on the basis of The Movement Theatre-the first independent theatre in Georgia, whose main direction is storytelling.

Our TV tells stories about people using cinematographic storytelling means and unconventional movement of a camera. We strive to uncover social-cultural topics beyond certain boundaries using contemporary media-technologies.

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